Our Guarantee to you

As we all know the weather in this country is very unpredictable.

At particular times throughout the year we, as a company, wouldn’t be able to offer our services on a routine basis if we allowed the weather to dictate when we could work.
Washing your windows when it’s raining will not reduce the quality of our services or the cleanliness of your windows.

With this in mind we now offer a rain-guarantee which simply states:

If the cleanliness of your windows is affected by us cleaning your windows in wet conditions, just call us within 24 hours and we will return and re-clean any affected windows at no charge to yourselves. *


Doesn't rain make my windows dirty?

No, rain water is actually clean, the dust from builders, gardeners, tree pollen, exhaust fumes, and many other sources settles on your windows to make them dirty.

Rain-water is made through evaporation and all contaminants are removed during this process. This is in fact a very similar process to the Pure H2O system. We would quite happily clean any windows with rain-water. Rain-water has approximately 30 times less contaminants in it than tap-water depending on your location in the UK.

There are times when it isn’t suitable to clean your windows, even with our rain-guarantee. These are generally, but not exclusively, when it is wet and windy. Driving rain runs down walls and onto the windows below taking brick dust with it, we will not clean your windows in these conditions.

*However, light rain, showers and drizzle is considered to be suitable enough to be able to clean your windows and you will always have our rain guarantee to fall back on if you are unhappy with the quality of our work.