About us

Pure H2O Window Cleaning is based in Andover, Hampshire and provides window cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.

We use the latest Reach and Wash System technology. Telescopic poles and 100% pure water which is filtered through the process of reverse osmosis. Pure H2O window cleaning is embracing this technology for a number of reasons:

  • Improved Cleaning Results: Using 100% pure water and a soft bristle brush, the water is fed through jets which removes dirt particles from the window panes, frames and window sills. This leaves a streak free, spot free finish. Windows are left wet using this method but will dry naturally. This is normal and although this may be a cause of concern at first, as this may not be what you are used to, once dry the windows stay cleaner for a longer period of time due to the effect of 100% pure water.
  • Less disturbance and increased privacy: No more rattling ladders and damage to your lawn and flower borders. No need to worry about the sudden appearance of the window cleaner at your upstairs windows. Improved access for hard to reach windows. With the use of the Reach and Wash System we are now able to clean with ease previously difficult to reach windows (e.g. windows above the conservatory or sloping roofs, third floor windows, conservatory roofs and other windows that could not be reached before).
  • Environmentally friendly: Pure water means no need to use soaps or detergents to clean your windows.
  • Health & Safety Legislation: This is very important to us at Pure H2O Window Cleaning. Government and EU legislation limits the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The Reach and Wash System is seen by the industry as a much safer alternative and allows the operator to work from the ground and a safer environment.